How is AI Transforming Various Industry Sectors? From Siri to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence has been breaking into new realms, including industries that are late to adopt technology or that heavily rely on manual labor. Gartner predicts that by 2020, AI will produce more jobs than it displaces. By 2022, one in five workers engaged in mostly non-routine tasks will rely on AI to do a job. The future of AI only looks bright!  According to experts, AI and the future of work will amplify human efficiency and productivity. AI may match or even surpass human intelligence and......

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Web development |
April 7, 2020


More businesses are discovering how much opportunity an online presence creates. Brands capitalized on people’s heavy reliance on web-based solutions to offer their products online, hence, creating their business website....

Web development |
March 25, 2020

WooCommerce 4.0

The latest release of WooCommerce has been in development since January 2020, but a lot of improvements has been in the works since 2018. WooCommerce core has had 743 commits...