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When every business becomes online and gadget friendly, what makes you unique and stand apart? You need to be the solution for the customers, fast and apt. That’s what Magento does to your business; we find solution for your e- commerce concerns. Magento has been helping many established and growing companies across the world to manage their online contents and there by churning them an outstanding growth. With a dynamic work force and a strong support network, Magento enhances your business to the next level using content management tools.


Our solutions are unique and custom made. At Intertoons we provide you with next level solutions for your e-commerce business, guide you with the Magento platform which makes you feel effortless online buying experience.

Our Process

Installing Magento

80% of work is done with the installation of Magento. Hurray, that’s 80% peace of mind we guarantee you right at the start. After its installed, we will do each of your requirement and customize it. Make your online business front stand apart from your competitors. Your domain is what we have for the store, isn’t it awesome!!


We have some extras.

None would refuse some goodies along with their usual purchases. And so we too do have some extra cookies for you. We would add plug-ins so that everything goes as smooth as a tasty cookie down your throat. We do add flavors as per your request too.


Managing the Product

We show you light over SEO techniques and help your business grow. With keywords that make your business appear the best in class, we make sure that your business comes up first in every search engine. Who wants to scroll down or click next without noticing you there?


Effective ECom

So once your site is up and running, you just need to handle your business and we will take care of your online part. Making you sure that it’s good as a perfect dish ready to be served and it runs the most effective manner to bring in what you expect out of your business.


To reach the correct audience and turn them into potential customers the website should be equipped enough to reach their expectations. We, at Magento understands this and so we provide appropriate content management tools to run the site with ease. The trust of our client upon us makes us one of the most demanded and famous E- commerce CMS worldwide. With an interface that is as simple as you can get added with a dynamic framework, makes it too handy to maintain. What more? It’s an open source platform, which gives you the opportunity to customize your website anytime.

Magento Services

Magento E-wallet system

You have your money safe with you. With Magento e- wallet system , the store enables the admin to credit payment for any customer upon request of cancellation or cash back or any sort of such situation that involves money. With text message or through e-mail we guarantee customer a peace of mind.

Magento custom SMS integrations

A confirmation SMS is an obligatory process for any E-commerce business to its customers. We have custom made plug in which help us with this. Intertoons SMS can work around your credits right from the user dashboard. We assure your customers a promise.

Magento Automatic Purchase Order

We know how important time is. We don’t want you to go through unnecessary pages before you make a purchase. So with the help of an in-house extension of Intertoons, any kind of purchase can be managed from the admin dashboard.

Magento infinite scroll products

Tired off all the scrolling up and down and get confused. Do you have problem with where you started and what you ended up buying. Never again, with infinite scroll, we give the customers the ease of staying at one page and never to scroll down. Less confusion and more focused.

Magento Delivery Slot

At the end of the day, all we need is happy customers. So we ought to provide them the freedom to choose what they like. With Magento Delivery slot they are given the opportunity to choose from varies delivery slots from the store.

Magento Social Register and Login

You just don’t need people to tress pass through your site. You want them to take the key to your garden and have some flowers with them. Social login inside the Magento gives you the key to the store using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. This converts any visitor to a happy customer.

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