Pay Per Click and its impact

PPC is simply ”pay per click”, a popular form of internet marketing where the advertiser pays for every single click of their posted ads. Intertoon’s efficient PPC service is capable of upgrading the keywords as far as the traffic is directed towards your website. We are the best PPC campaign consultants in Kochi also good for Search Engine advertising where the advertiser bid for the placement of their ads in a Search Engine’s sponsored link when a search query comes for a keyword related to their business. We are all set to take up your advertisement campaigns and earn a lot of clicks for your links and thus take your search engine rankings to a higher level.

PPC Management

Our carefully selected PPC experts manage your Pay Per Click campaigns, helping you to achieve the business goals, like increasing the ROI, improving the conversion rates, or creating the brand awareness as per the requirement. Do not think twice to pay for appearing in the top positions on the popular search engines and other relevant websites. Drive an instant traffic to your website, though very specific, low cost, long-tailed keywords and cut short the cost per click to your firm.

Our Pay Per Click Services

Google Adwords

Reach your customers instantly with the Google Adwords services. Take the advantage of having a full-time Adwords expert when you choose Interoons as your digital marketing partner.

Remarketing and Retargeting

We care for you and work carefully concentrating to achieve the desired results rather than developing scopes for it. Focusing on the target audience, the conversion rates are increased, which in turn results in an improved ROI.

PPC Audits

Right from understanding the audit objective, through the detailed data analysis, we are the best PPC auditors of choice in Kochi, delivering the most effective and practical advice to sharpen and improve your efforts.

Display Advertising

Creating eye-catching display ads, especially focusing on the prospective buyers who have already expressed their interest in your products and services.

Social Advertising

Today, social media has changed to the most sturdy advertisement platform to reach a global audience. Redirect the scattered traffic to your business with our proven, powerful SEO tactics.

Bing Advertising

Why limit your presence to ''Google''? Extend the online presence to ``Bing`` as well and enjoy the maximum benefits out of its PPC platform from our trained and expert in-house Bing Ads agency team. We are the best Digital marketing company in Kochi, to create ads after a proper Bing keyword research and optimize them for the Search Engine.


Intertoons PPC management services include the following processes:

  • Developing PPC search campaign strategy
  • Discovering and finalizing the relevant keywords
  • Set-up the campaigns
  • Creating Ad text
  • Optimizing the landing pages
  • Submitting Ads
  • Tracking the conversion rate
  • Managing the PPC cost
  • Bid management and tracking of ROI
  • Campaign management and analysis


The comprehensive effect of the PPC campaign is regularly monitored with a special emphasis for keyword selection and the text used which is reported to you on a monthly basis. Based on the results a rank report is prepared and shared to have a better understanding regarding the unpaid search engine ranking. Besides, a one hour call is arranged with your team members to provide an extensive support.

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