Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most prevalent Content Management System with a plethora plugins, capable of developing a wide variety of websites that suit your needs. The SEO friendly content management system is an open source with a good scope for expansion. It is very easy to use, highly flexible, and very fewer costs are associated.

Why Intertoons?

Being one of the best WordPress development companies in Kochi, Kerala, we have proven records in delivering world-class robust and stunning websites featured for the future. Our WordPress development team are the pioneers who can easily identify the best-suited design for any business and to load it with the right plugins for an effective functioning of your website.

We have successfully delivered 100% results, an on-time delivery for each and every commitment. A result oriented teamwork with utmost customer satisfaction is our keys to success for a rapidly growing in the market as a dominant WordPress development company.

Our Process

Themes Installation

Retaining the client suggestions and business requirements, a befitting theme, paid or free of cost is blended into an existing domain or a new one, as per the requirement.


Functionality Add-ons

On incorporation of the finalized theme, a set of necessary plugins is added to the expected performance of the website. On a later stage, we are open to customization, and more plugins are added if as per the client demand.


Web Content

Fresh and unique content with a good indexing, which highlights the exact features of your business to make the website unique and appealing.


Social & SEO

As the world relies on Google for every requirement, extra care is taken to equip all the developed websites highly responsive to searches on the internet and are in accordance with all the social media services.


Benefits of WordPress

WordPress initially had its entry as a blogging software in the market, but has expanded extensively to the content management system of choice even for the non-blogging platforms. WordPress has a visceral interface and is really easy to use. As the technology is so advanced, hardly any time has to be spent for formatting. The search engine friendly content management system is browser-based, enabling you to control your website, being anywhere in the world. You can have multiple users, functionalities can be expanded, highly customizable, and many more attractive features are associated!

Our WP Theme Services

Theme implementation

A lot of appealing themes providing different choices are available to download for free or valued, we implement the best-suited theme for your business. We integrate this to an existing website or to a new one as per the client's requirement.

Security and spam

The system is completely customizable as we can add any plugins from within or third-party add-ons in a very less time, ensuring the security.

SEO process

A better online presence, outshining the competitors are ensured on SEO optimization process. The WordPress installation is totally optimized to make it Search Engine friendly.

Functionality enhancement

Any additional functionalities can be added to mold your website exactly to your specific business requirements. The improvements can be made in no time with the in-house or third-party plugins.

Prepare content

Your business is well understood and the contents are prepared carefully to place under each section of the installation. All your inputs are incorporated and presented in the most fitting manner by our proficient content team.

WordPress migration

You can sit back, relaxed, as our certified experts can move the WordPress to a new server or to another location on your server in a very less time.

Lets Get Started
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Let us together achieve your business and transform it into a more popular, trusted brand. Enjoy the extensive support until you are fully comfortable with the newly developed website at a competitive price.


Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality