Food Delivery App Development

“Full-featured, white-labeled, self-hosted, food delivery mobile app, tailored in-house that can be scaled or customized any level as per the specific business needs.”

Our food delivery solutions are designed with an objective to bring customers and restaurants together with amazing features and integrations as needed by you.

We are one of the most popular food app development companies today with a strong presence in India Kerala Kochi and other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Sydney, Vietnam, our development team offer trailblazing food delivery solutions to our clients that are ready to deploy and technically superior.

 Our food delivery app development services can be utilized by food delivery start-ups, single restaurants, or a chain of restaurants.

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Food Delivery App Features

Our food delivery solutions can be better understood by dividing them into four major categories, Customer panel, Driver panel, Admin panel, Restaurant panel. Let us have a quick look at each of the features below.

Customer Panel

Menu Search Screen

Access Dashboard

Access Restaurant Menu

Check restaurants nearby

Add

Place Order

View Order

Rate and Review

Manage Unlimited Users

Track Orders

Flexible payment gateways

In-house defer Hosting Services

Edit Profile

Access Coupons/ special offers

Change Delivery Address

Driver Panel

Orders management

Real-time information

Order tracking

Availability Settings

Delivery details

Driver Profile

Payment History

Order History

Call or Message Driver

Real-time notifications

Help and Support

Admin Panel

Users Management

Send email alerts

Restore or Backup Database

Restore or Backup Database

Manage restaurants

Manage restaurants

Manage Schemes

Manage Schemes

Category Management

Category Management

Change password

Apps banner management

Restaurant Panel

Send email alerts or newsletters

Social media connectivity

Check order status

Add opening and closing times

Add Restaurant Menu

Add special offers

Manage deliveries

Multiple Payment Gateways

Message Customers

Benefits of our Custom Food Delivery Solutions


Our product features are simple yet complete solutions to give more benefits in less time and budget.

Custom Development

Our product features can be customized based on your requirements and preferences.

Technologically Superior

Best platforms have been used to host, design, develop, and deploy food delivery apps.

Ensure Scalability

Cloud-based food delivery solutions ensures any level of scaling in future.


Grow your network and connect with more restaurants nearby.

Global Solution

Grow your business in different areas with extensive language support.

Constant Support

Our product development team is always there to assist you.

Quality Assurance

We make sure that high quality product is given to client with minimum or no flaws.

Our Process

Step 1

Contact us and share your project details with our product development team today.

Step 2

We will review and analyze your requirements deeply. One of our team members will stay in touch.

Step 3

After analysis, we will give a budget idea and the timeline for implementation.

Step 4

On project conformation, we will customize our product as per your preferences and requirement.

Step 5

We will test the customized food delivery app thoroughly before it is deployed to the market.

Step 6

Once the project is completed and delivered successfully, our post-delivery support starts!

Why you need Food delivery App Development Services??

Today, when everyone is online, customers want a platform where they can order online without wasting time in travelling and other things. It also helps businesses to grow their efficiency and sales.

Ordering online is beneficial in multiple ways like it can reduce the chances of errors that usually happen when you order through phone. Also, it gives flexibility to businesses to grow their networks as they require.

If we will look at the stats, the demand of food delivery apps has grown up to 150 percent during the last 4 years and profit has also crossed more than $300 million.

Today, more than 50 percent orders are still given through phones and these orders can be shifted online with a proper product implementation in the near future.

According to investment firm Cowen, the food delivery business may grow from $43 billion to $76 billion by 2022.

Let us connect and grow hands in hands!

Our food delivery solution can be used across IOS and Android operating systems by customers and restaurants. There is one intuitive dashboard that can be used conveniently by admins to control everything in terms of users, restaurants, etc.

Our food delivery app development has been complete keeping four things in mind, customer panel, driver panel, restaurant panel, and admin panel. All four modules are customizable and scalable as you grow. To know more about our product and how much it may cost, stay in touch with our product development team.

Share your business requirements with us and one of our teams will get back to you shortly!

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