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AboutThe Client

With more than 10 years of experience in Gulf Cooperation Council, Euraba, a part of Techsys is still leading the uphill way of establishing business beyond reach. With its wings spread over the Middle East and North Arfican, Euraba has become an undeniable brand name with a great customer satisfaction.

The products ranging from hardware to software, POS to mainstream IT, you think of it we have it. With three ways of wide distribution of products through Retail, Export and E-commerce, the company is providing unparallel service to the people.

Being considered as one of the leading shopping sites in the Gulf, Euraba sustains its reputation over years for its impeccable service. Having become an integral part of everyone’s life in the Gulf.  From refined luxury watches to duty-free branded perfumes. Euraba is the best choice if you are looking for all your beauty products in one place. What more? Get your gadget instincts a kick by going through the unending line of branded gadgets displayed in our stores. As far as the online face of the Euraba is considered, it’s the best choice for anyone to do a convenient shopping. We provide high-end home applications too. To serve the customers with trust and holding a great value for their satisfaction, we deliver the orders through cash on delivery systems and prompt delivery time.


About this project

Euraba contacted us for furnishing a website for their e-commerce business platform. Euraba being one of the major shopping venue in Gulf regions, we had a high priority project that needs to be done in prompt and precision. Magento platform was used in which is rich in features for a e-commerce business platform. The built in feature of Magento enhances the efficiency of overall store.

The contents were created accordance with SEO conventions and keywords were properly optimized for the right ranking in search engines. Detailed and image gallery were added so that customers could know about one product with scrolling the page up and down.

Since the Magento was used, we could customize the webpage and gave it a unique feel that gave every customer visiting the webpage a pride of 10 years of service. The client requested to create a page which was mobile as well tab friendly so that anyone can purchase or browse content on go.

The website was integrated so that it would load the page with no delay there by increasing the chance of every audient to turn into potential customers. The payment portal was embedded with the page and hustle free purchase was ensured to client. Purchase order, cancellation or exchanges where made smooth with the advanced payment options offers by Magento.

With proper indexing made, we promised Euraba that their business will be upfront always active 24×7. With an dedicated admin, the e-commerce platform works like a gem. We are much thankful to Euraba for the opportunity.