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AboutThe Client

Leading POS, AutoID solution provider in MENA region with its offices in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and US. Since 2007, it offers comprehensive solutions for its consumer segments ranging from small and medium scale businesses to corporate with its products ranging from industrial scanning, imaging solutions, hand-held and fixed scanners, mobile computers, biometric systems to integrated business mobility solutions.

Synonymous with the implementation of cutting edge technology, we are proud to be associated with Zebra as a channel partner and Leading AIDC Company in GCC

About this project

Techsys was a beautiful challenge and a platform for us to grow internationally. A leading POS, AutoID solution provider in the Gulf and the US, Techsys approached us for reworking an existing project. We took up the project and started off from the very base. Changing the theme, remove outdated plugins and redesigning the overall interface.

The product and services they offered were targetted to a specific audience. So we had to please anyone who lands on the website, even though the chance of an audient turning into a customer was more, we had the task of bringing in all the potential clicks to the webpage, the strategy was to establish a business name and opt them for any purchase in future.

SEO based contents where add and keywords were implemented. A notable change happened on website visits and clicks later on. The website was coded as per the requirement of Techsys. A dedicated team works on the audit of the website thereby learning the statistics of the website so as to bring changes accordingly and help grow the online business of the client.

With successful client, we grow our own business. That’s exactly happened with Intertoons. Later on, we had a considerable growth with our client list, both from India and Abroad.