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AboutThe Client

GreenWorld provides quality organic products (fertilizers, farming products, growbags, bio-manure/pesiticide/fungicide, gardening products) and try to be an alternative for the unscientific farming practices & waste processing methods to restore our natural resources from pollution and relish the real taste of our exceptional, seasonal crop yields.

We are responsible to give the fine quality food & organic products to the public by conserving nature & restoring the natural pH of the soil and reduced pollution ratio. We provide ready to use Grow Bag with enriched growing medium & are reusable for 3 years.

About this project

GreenWorld provides quality organic products across India. They contacted Intertoons for developing a WordPress based webpage. The client’s products were all environmentally friendly and mostly green based. The website was updated with some of functionality enhancement plugins along with indexing content with SEO conventions made GreenWorld one of the mostly found search results for Green and sustainable products.

Intertoons revamped their website and provided them with themes that best suited their business. The website itself became an identity for them. Intertoons provided expert WordPress developer for e-commerce configuration through Woocommerce.

With the help of Woocommerce, we were able to build custom website with the needs and designs they came forward with. Woocommerce being one of the most trusted and used plugin throughout the world, has additional e-commerce features beyond the capabilities of WordPress. Thus Intertoons understand the full potential of this plugin and has been extensively used to help may clients.

As always SEO based contents with high potential keywords were used in the content for better visibility of the webpage. A dedicated SEO Analyst was made to check all the keywords the website was having so that a solid ranking was ensured. Greenworld is providing sustainable solutions to the world and we were immensely happy to be a part of it and create an online face for them.