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AboutThe Client

Four decades on, Jeevans is known with its trust with products and commercial availability to all people. Though came few hurdles it was surpassed and the light of Jeevans went into many households becoming the local name competing with a lot of established national and international products. Slowly but steadily the products of Jeevans Ragitone and Ragivitta were the asked food of any consumer around.

Way back in 1972 a young entrepreneur K.P. Gopinath boldly stepped into baby food manufacturing. Till then the industry was dominated by giant transnational’s. Local companies could not even dream of daring into the industry. Full faith in his vision and nothing could deter him from putting his vision to reality. Being a man of scientific orientation belonging to a family of clinicians, Mr. Gopinath chose Ragi (Eleusine Coracana, gaertn) as the basic ingredient. The fact that the World Health Organisation also chose Ragi as the ideal weaning food for tropical countries reinforced Mr. Gopinath’s conviction…..Rest Is History. He started with a small facility with a capacity of 1 tonne per day at Kothamangalam in Central Kerala, India. Over the years the brand ‘Ragitone’ became a household name wherever Malayalees live, across the world. The commissioning of the new production facility in Pollachi in Tamil Nadu stepped up production capacity to 5 tonnes per day. Gradually the product port folio was stretched to add ‘Ragivitta’ herb enriched food supplement for diabetic patients and ‘Jeevans Baby Massage Oil’, complete skin care from the treasure house of Ayurveda.

About this project

Jeevans is a very popular name in the Kerala households. The trust they have built over time has made their business to reach great heights. We were obligated to them in providing one of the best web solutions. The webpage was created as per Jeevans requirement. They had a specific idea about how the page needs to look like. Their products were baby foods and so they demanded a theme that promised trust and loyalty.

The webpage was created after a thorough discussion with the client’s creative team. Organic keywords were embedded into the content and the content was further optimized.

The keywords were indexed for ranking in Google. All the SEO conventions were used along the content and we audited the webpage and closely monitored the traffic. The webpage was maintained over time, recreating and updating keywords making it rank essentially in Google search engine. The business has grown considerably after starting e-commerce, customers feel us as more responsible and obligated in serving them, says the Jeevan’s team.

We were able to integrate payment gateways the web content and the technical team of the clients were given the privilege to control the cash flow, revert customers with confirmation messages and refunds.