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AboutThe Client

In the olden days, mothers used to be able to shop from the comfort of their own doorsteps through pushcart vendors. In this modern age, we bring you the same comfort, but better. With just a few simple clicks, all your Indian grocery needs are taken care of – without even taking a step out of your homes. The best part? With our Pushcart App, you can buy whatever you need even on the go!.

Let’s face it – Indian groceries are pretty confusing for the younger generation. The women rule the roost and if you bring the wrong item home, you will probably never hear the end of it. At Pushcart, we do the shopping for you so heave a big sigh of relief and say goodbye to the snaking queues and hassle of lugging groceries and say hello to this one stop shopping experience.

With many products readily available, shoppers will be spoilt for choice. Boasting some of the most popular brands and at attractive prices, shoppers will have everything at their fingertips – including delivery right to their door. From fruits, vegetables, masalas, spices, baby foods, snacks and meat to staples like personal care, pooja items and even for lazy days – instant mixes and batters. So live the dream of having all your household needs taken care of in minutes with Pushcart!

About this project

Pushcart was pretty sure with what they wanted. How the app interface looked like and how it has to make someone feel like an old lovely beautiful market right in front of them. Intertoons always wanted to work with clients who had out of the box ideas. Pushcart app was an icebreaker for us, to break the conventions and create something that is going to make the whole shopping experience to be simple.

The customers were given options to select the products they want trouble free. With live notifications, customers were given text as well as app notification on the arrival of new products in the store. The products which the customers select were cross-checked and confirmed before a purchase was made.

With SEO integrations along with the content, a well-planned strategy was created for customers to land at Pushcart before hitting up any other online market. The growth is evident; the client has finally become one of the most customer-friendly shopping apps.

The app monetizes your business easily. The app is monitored 24×7 and a constant technical support is provided. We don’t want customers to abandon any purchase just because the interface didn’t serve them good.

Log in to the app is integrated with Facebook and Google accounts so that customers don’t need to create a new log in details. And since the Pushcart is synced with customer’s social media accounts, notifications and ads regarding the same pop-ups with your facebook or google accounts. That’s how we make the client- customer relation trustworthy.

Intertoons provided custom-made plugins to work along the app, to make it more hassle-free. The result is a beautiful old themed app which works so smoothly that you don’t even realize how much was put into making this app. We grow with Pushcart.