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AboutThe Client

20 Group Dealer Trades is a portal created for Dealers to get rid of overage inventory and increase turn in an efficient and convenient way.

Keeping fresh inventory is crucial to profitability. Overage inventory kills profitability in the Used Car Department and the Parts Departments. As active Dealers in 20 Groups, we are told over and over again to get rid of overage inventory and increase turn. Thus far, our only option has been to turn these used cars at auctions at prevailing auction prices.

About this project

The client wanted to create a completely new identity across the cyberspace. They wanted an active webpage which would carter their business to every customer who decided to reach the page. With a changing business strategy, the webpage should be redesigned and remodeled accordingly. The client admins were given the functionality of the webpage and without the primary knowledge of HTML they could edit, replace or delete any content if they required.

The web pages were filled with SEO based content so that the web pages would rank well. Each project was allocated with specific project managers who will look after the webpage, optimize the keywords and check for any updates. An unlimited database was given so that they could add images and product details were listed.

Animation and graphics were added to the webpage for an extra reach and visual treat. Blogs were added with the help of the content team to the webpage on a regular interval base. With effective keywords and using SEO conventions, we were able to create a rise in the online e-commerce of the client.

The webpage was linked with almost all social media and Google map was integrated within the webpage. With rich pixel density and SEO friendly platform, we were able to create templates for the client for their future use. We helped them to migrate from the old webpage base to the new using the Easydesign. Redesigning done simple.