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AboutThe Client

HALIM AGRO FOODS LLP is a venture with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE and other branches in Uttar Pradesh and Kerala. We aim at selling highest quality frozen halal boneless buffalo meat, mutton, fish, fruits and vegetables.”

We are well equipped with technology as well as workers with nearly 40 years of experience in this field. We use latest technology with well-equipped and technically built state of art integrated abattoir cum meat processing plant.

We are totally committed to the hygienic production of “safe halal meat” and quality veg,fruits that is why we are continuously striving and evolving to meet the consumer’s hygiene and quality needs. The quality assurance commitment is an integral part of the processing plant and is actively supported by the management.

We are processed to order, ensuring our customers the highest quality and fresh meat products. All these meat products are compulsorily examined by a team of efficient officials who issue a proper Health Certificate confirming suitability of product for consumption. Our commitment to total quality extends to all layers of the organization, empowering every individual – starting from processing to packing, to service and support and to meet our customers requirements.

About this project

HALIM AGRO FOODS LLP is a company that selling halal boneless buffalo meat, mutton, fish, fruits and vegetables. The Magento took the contract and started working on the website, using the framework of WordPress.

As a client who is competing with some of the major animal product exporters, they wanted the site to be simple, direct and no unnecessary back and forth. We developed contents that followed all SEO rules and also used customized snippets.

Every project we handle, we make sure that the webpage or application is run and running. We work to the base structure of site so that the website is self-reliant to work on its own, still, we believe in providing a support till we feel the webpage is working par excellent.

With constant checking of webpage activities, we provide the client with data that can be used for the betterment of their business.

On live chat were incorporated using home-made extensions. A successful business is something that doesn’t have a fixed time. So Email was linked with the page so that no customers leave disappointed.

E- commerce is enhanced with the woocommerce extensions that work well along the WordPress, that gives the webpage to stand par with international standards. With woocommerce in hand, customization and edits for the webpage were much simpler and easy. Our technical crew made sure that the client’s admin understood the functionality and how it can be worked without complex HTML processes.