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AboutThe Client – DEstination KOCHI (DK) – is a tourism promotional photography web, dedicated to everyone, who love the South INDIAn tourism destinations in KERALA.

In Malayalam language the word ‘DE’ is using to invite anyone’s attention to a point of matter. inviting world’s attention to the enchanting beauty of destinations in KERALA. There are more than 30 globally recognized tourism destinations is situated in and around the city of KOCHI, and more than 200 destinations all over KERALA. sharing the snaps of nature, culture, people and lives from various parts of tourism destinations in and around KOCHI and KERALA. Nature, backwaters and eco-tourism projects are the common attractions of KERALA. We are updating the blog with positive shots of KOCHI and KERALA in intermittent intervals. The people who like KOCHI and visit will get a close look on the beauty of KOCHI – KERALA, a destination beyond the dreams.

We, team, not only just save the snaps on cloud for the world, but sharing the views and reviews of visitors and sharing their moments with KOCHI – KERALA

Team publish their exclusive clicks from all over KERALA, one of the best tourist destinations in SOUTH INDIA.

About this project

DeKochi approached us for creating a peepy sound and energetic webpage to fill independent contents for promoting tourism in Kochi. The project was all about happiness as we were all wanted this venture to get noticed. So things were pretty straight and simple. Add SEO based contents and have all the keywords to reach them. Built with wordpress, the site could be changed according to the will and wish of the client.

With right indexing, SEO components of each page can be customized making it rank higher in Google search results. A dedicated team was allotted to check the traffic of the webpage. Accordingly, the page was redesigned and contents were modified so that the content reached a maximum number of audience.

A live chat box was added to the webpage so that any visitor could use that chat box to interact with the client admins. The database of the website was not static, new contents which had photographs, music and videos were added and therefore a stand-alone server was provided to the client so that they didn’t want to get bothered about the space in future.

All popular social media were linked to the webpage and the integration is done so that social media audience knows about the business and there by clicking to the parent webpage. It was great to know that the website is doing great and has accelerated the growth of Kochin tourism.