Some critical aspects about E-commerce website testing

The efficiency of a successful e-commerce website depends on its key functionalities like user experience, quick loading, responsiveness, customer data security, and secure financial transactions. E-commerce websites have customers increasing day by day, spread over the globe. Hence implementing the best available testing techniques ensure smooth functioning that the customers appreciate. Let us pick out some important factors to be tested during,

  1. The main pages like homepage, about us page, product pages (number of results displayed/page, clear product images & specification, product variation options, reviews, delivery options, easy navigation), pages for site map, product cart, and press releases are of great importance. Out of which home page is the face of your market place and do check out the functionality of the hero image on the home page.
  1. The second phase is to test the overall workflow or performance of the website. By testing the sign-in/sign-up options, search button (relevant search results), product filters, option for posting product reviews, shopping carts, check out, generating order numbers, invoice, as well as the payment gateways, we can assure a smooth website performance.
  1. Testing the payment gateways to ensure the correct shipping charges, VAT, and discount codes are needed. Make changes in the final list of products, apply various discount coupon codes, or choose a different region to ensure varying shipping fares to test the payment gateways. Testing payment gateways should ensure the proper functioning of the following. i) All the payments options (net banking, Credit/Debit card, PayPal, etc) ii) invoice and email generation post-payment iii) order cancellations iv) refund processes.
  1. Security checks for the confidentiality of the customer data are of the most importance. Testing methods like SQL Injections, ethical hacks on the login, Register, Payment gateway are of choice.
  1. Apart from all these, it will be great to check the site responsiveness (how well it adjusts to various screen sizes), compatibility with web browsers, SEO and social media integration.

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