Managed Amazon Web Services

AWS managed services simplify the on-premises workload migration of large enterprises to a public cloud. It also ensures efficient management of migrated workload in the public cloud. AWS Managed Services ensure incessant management of a customer’s AWS infrastructure complying with best practices from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

Managed Amazon Web Services ensure the security and peak performance of the client’s workload (traditional and modernized) in both existing and new AWS environments. This can transform your business and application in the cloud, strengthening your skills. You can choose from the” AWS management services accelerate for your new and existing AWS accounts via detective controls, giving you full control and flexibility to use AWS as you always have or AWS Managed Services Advanced with preventative controls via a change management system within an AWS managed landing zone, which provides a fully operational solution and trades some flexibility for increased operational rigor to protect your critical business applications. Customers can select either operations plan on an account-by-account basis.”

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  • You can choose the optimum level of operations assistance through the operational flexibility feature. Managed AWS experts work alongside your project to ensure the required assistance.
  • Relieves you from the burden of meeting compliance regulations as it offers thorough compliance and enhanced security.
  • Choose from consumption-based packages or month-to-month models to optimize the costs involved. 
  • Some other benefits include secure and accelerated data center migration, turnkey models for cloud operations if needed, and they help you with the best & experienced cloud operators. 

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