Enable Less Secure Apps in GSuite

Enable Less Secure Apps in GSuite


If you want to link your Gmail account with Gsuit account, Google will not allow  you to link your Gmail account directly, Because Google  assigned this client as less secure. Less secure technology used in all apps and devices for more security.

Let’s see step by step procedure to allow these less secure apps In Your Gsuit account

Step 1 : First login to your Gsuit account

Step2 : Click on Security 

Step 3 : Under security click on Basic Settings

Step 4 : Click Go to settings for less secure app 

Step 5 : Select an option

  • Disable access to less secure apps for all users (Recommended)
  • Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps
  • Enforce access to less secure app for all users (Not recommended)

Step6 : On the bottom right, click Save.

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