7 Marketing Trends for 2020

  1. Marketing is moving to an omni channel.                                                                                         Need to use Free tools like Google Data Studio to track each Channel
  2. Compaines will optimize for voice search,not for Revenue.                                                           Use tools like jetson.ai to generate revenue from voice search
  3. Don’t just rely on Emails, Try Facebook Messanger Bots.                                                               Messanger has 2x more opens than Emails
  4. Moats will almost be non – existent,other than brands.                                                                  Best way to build company is through branding.
  5. Marketing  is turning into personalization.                                                                                        Use automation tools like subscribers.com to automate your  marketing.
  6. There will be no more silver bullets,we will all have to optimize for marginal gains.
  7. Personalization is the new Marketing.                                                                                             Through Personalization,Convert more of your visitors to customers.

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