Which PHP framework is best, Laravel or CodeIgniter?

Which PHP framework is best, Laravel or CodeIgniter?


Laravel is a moderately new PHP platform, presented in 2011 and based on Symfony 2. The founder assembled it to address a few worries with the well known CodeIgniter platform– in particular, lack of built-in support for user authentication/authorization.

From that point forward, Laravel has rapidly turned out to be a popular PHP frameworks for web developers. . Flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use, Laravel charges itself as “The PHP Framework for Web Artisans” – and we’re slanted to concur, given its powerful and flexible feature set.

Look at some of Laravel’s best features.
  • Worked in Database Query Builder – Laravel incorporates a built-in database query builder, which makes it simple to make and run database queries, and it works easily on all supported database frameworks: mySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server.
  • Unit-Testing Support – Unlike some contending frameworks, Laravel comes with built-in unit-testing support, which enables you to test each feature individually and dispose of errors and bugs.
  • “Artisan” Command-Line Interface – The Artisan command-line console is a popular the most dominant highlights of Laravel. With aa huge list of available commands, the capacity to make custom commands, and the option to interact with your entire Laravel application using only the command line, Artisan is – in our opinion – one of the best PHP command-line consoles available.
  • “Lumen” Micro-Framework – For low-sway PHP development, Laravel offers the Lumen micro-framework. With a speed of more than 1,900 solicitations for each second, this lightweight structure gives a tremendous amount of Laravel features while keeping up bursting quick speed.
  • REST API Compatibility – Laravel has out-of-the-case REST and RESTful API similarity, settling on it an awesome decision for the improvement of cutting edge, multiplatform web applications that utilization the REST API.
  • Comprehensive Documentantion – With a tremendous vault of official documentation and an enormous network of Laravel designers, it’s anything but difficult to rapidly pick up a profound comprehension of the Laravel framework.
  • Easy Deployment with “Envoyer – Laravel’s Envoyer is a one-click, zero-downtime PHP deployment tool that has been reason worked to run Laravel applications. By managing deployments, cloning folders, and flawlessly introducing Laravel code repositories, Envoyer enables developers to convey updated code – with absolutely zero personal time.
  • “Spark” Scaffolding – Looking to utilize Laravel for quick application advancement (RAD)? Laravel Spark furnishes an incredible framework with prebuilt applications for authentication, password resets, two-factor verification, invoicing,subscription billing, and much more.

Laravel is one of the top PHP framework picks available in 2017.


  • CodeIgniter is one of the most established PHP frameworks accessible. Focused onRAD, CodeIgniter was released in 2006 and stays well known among developers. How about we investigate a few its principle highlights and advantages.
  • MVC Support – CodeIgniter was created in model-view-controller architecture, settling on it a prominent decision for web-improvement extends that require a custom GUI.
  • Small Footprint – The absolute download size of CodeIgniter is under 2mb, and its lightweight structure furnishes most extreme speed with minimum performance impact.
  • Powerful Security – CodeIgniter has worked in security that shields it from common XSS and CSRF attacks, giving a protected PHP stage to developers.
  • Incredible Performance – Speed has dependably been an attention on this open-source PHP framework. Streamlined code and simple file organization make it simple to make quick, responsive website pages.
  • Active Community – CodeIgniter has an active forum , IRC people group, and GitHub community, where basic questions can be replied and developers can interface with examine their tasks.

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