What is the role of PHP in Web Development? Top 5 reasons


PHP(Hypertext Pre-processor) is a general-purpose, server-side scripting language. Server-side scripting means processing happens in the server before the client receives the output.

  • Used to develop dynamic, interactive websites
  • One of the oldest server-side languages featured with HTML embedding
  • Regular upgrades, new capabilities

Though the PHP rating has slipped down with the emergence of many other languages, still around 80% of the websites and popular platforms like Facebook and WordPress make use of PHP.


Let us try to list out some top features that make it a popular choice for developers even today.


  1. Flexibility

PHP is a highly flexible language that empowers programmers to change the code during various development stages. Hence, adding new functionalities and features becomes super easy.

  1. Platform independent

It integrates seamlessly with many operating systems ( Mac OS, Windows, Linux), web servers, databases and supports popular protocols like HTTP, POP3, LDAP COM, etc. Hence deploying is quite smooth among various platforms at a minimum cost.

  1. Open source

PHP is a proven reliable open source technology. It is license-free, free of cost, and further reduces development time as it couples with access to a range of PHP frameworks like Symfony and Laravel.

  1. Secure and fast

The newer versions have remarkable speed and are equipped with efficient tools and frameworks to ensure security, and protection against cyber-attacks. The community support and popularity have led to some of the best practices for fixing vulnerabilities as well.

  1. Proven practice

For the past 25 years, PHP is tried and tested in almost all real-life situations. Hence most of the bugs are detected and fixed. Over time, it has evolved into a more secure, efficient, and effective way of web development.

Some popular alternatives for PHP include Java, Ruby, and Python.

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