what is the difference between dedicated VPS and shared hosting and what are the benefits of each, (part 1)

earlier we were using only shared hosting due to budget constraints later when projects streamline and when traffic comes into this websites , shared hosting limitations failed and we are forced to think of having some dedicated hosting.

earlier we were switched into some companies in India and abroad for our websites. attraction lays where they are offering dedicated servers and VPS service with free cPanel

one of the main issue with shared hosting is that their limits per hour emails . and there was a node limits means there is limit for number of files which can be created on these accounts.

one of our website of an influencer having visitors at a time greater than 500. and on huge traffic website are showing hosted on this shared environment that your memory limit reached or resource limit reached.

interesting thing is that they all offer unlimited hosting for each of their shared hosting plans what does this unlimited hosting means that is the question at that time

unlimited is not literally and limited they have their own limits suppose our bandwidth is limited to 100 GB and they offer unlimited storage how can we upload more than 100 GB

this is the tricky part

they are not limiting there with storage they are limiting the traffic that is coming to the web servers

even if we are using dedicated or VPS service there are limits for the data come in and come out

mostly it will be more than enough for your business to run. while comparing to the shared hosting limits

in one line , shared hosting are not meant for production it can be used for development environment and for some websites for demonstrating portfolios where no huge traffic expected in near future

in our experience while comparing hosting companies like hostgator , godaddy, rackspace, 1 and 1 bluehost ., we had experiences with shared hosting cloud hosting VPS hosting and even dedicated hosting that is bare metal dedicated hosting

we are getting what we are paying for. if you are expecting seamless running you must go with some dedicated hosting

if you are planning to run your eCommerce website businesses with no interruption in between just trouble and other website

( will continue … )

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