What is the difference between a mobile application and a mobile website?

Even though everyone seems to be a technology expert, many people confuse between a mobile application and a mobile website. Most of the folks think both are the same. How about you? No more arguments! Read more to differentiate between a mobile application and a mobile website.


Mobile websites

Mobile websites are very similar to common websites. Technically, they contain browser-based HTML pages linked together. The users access mobile websites through the internet. Mobile websites are specifically designed for smartphones. Best-in-class digital marketing companies deliver responsive that adapts to the screen size. They appear best on the user screen irrespective of the size. A mobile website supports all sorts of content just as in any other website.  


Mobile applications

Users need to download a mobile application for using it. Mobile applications are not accessed through the internet. People visit portals specific to their devices to search and download mobile applications. Mobile applications offer a more personalized experience to the user. A mobile application makes more sense in the case of interactive games, or personalized regular use like banking or grocery purchase. Mobile apps can push notifications to the user and keep them more engaged.


To select one between these two for your business is not an easy task. In fact, the right choice purely depends on your business goals. If interaction and personalization play a key role in your business, a mobile application is the best choice. Mobile websites do well with better accessibility and better sharing of information. 


It is always better to consult with one of the best internet marketing companies in your locality for the right decision. Experienced and talented professionals will help you find the right solution that best suits your business. Picking the right one can do magic on your ROI! All the best.

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