Noob to Professional Laravel Development -A Developer Guide

Noob to Professional Laravel Development -A Developer Guide
  1. Laravel Boilerplates

    When it comes to a laravel web application development there are sections of codes and features that have to be included in most of the web applications with little or no alteration. One of the main scenarios is authentication, we all know laravel provides a robust authentication even though laravel authentication lacks role-based authentication and permission-based restrictions . in such cases we have to build a role-based authentication with the use of middlewares or using some external libraries such as spatie laravel-permission . Here where the boilerplates come to help boilerplates provides a basic foundation to our project which eases up all the headaches related to basic features common to most of the web applications and saves us a large amount of time. One another huge advantage of using boilerplate is that we will get to introduce to good quality of codes and conventions. Popular boilerplates you can find online are.

    1. Laravel boilerplate
    2. Boilerplates from
  2. A Little more Github

    If you have a piece of vast knowledge in github you may please avoid this tip. If you research on Github enough you can reduce your development time on a huge scale. Github is full of up to date libraries for laravel .keep in mind to check the frequency of updates and stars of the project is optimum it is a sign of a well-maintained library and of course please go through issues because we wouldn’t want to have issues with them in our development in future.Packagist is a good place to search for laravel packages.

  3. Backup

    A loss of data is something we really don’t want to happen to our project, Keep in mind that it’s just a command away. Even if we are cautious when dealing with important codes there is a chance something goes wrong so always set up an automatic backup system. someday you will thank yourself for it. Of course, there is a package for it,  spatie laravel/backup . We can set up an automatic backup using this package along with cron jobs. And it will automatically delete old backups so you don’t have to worry about storage conception.

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