Logic behind WhatsApp Group Member Color

Logic behind WhatsApp Group Member Color

Whatsapp is used for Group discussing, marketing purpose, and individual chat.Have you noticed the color of group member contact information during chat? You will see different color assigned for particular user.



Logic Behind The Color System

  • This feature is supported by Lollipop 5.0 and higher android version.
  • When you create any group in Whatsapp it automatically assign color in descending order of participant name
  • It means whatsapp provides 256 different colors for its 256 participant’s member.
  • White color never assign to any group member.
  • When you exit from the group Whatsapp automatically change color of each member and make sequence in descending order.
  •  Change this color you just need to exit from group and return to add that group then color will be changed for you and you can see different color is assigned for contact. However to check this you need to check other group member mobile phone.
  • If same member added in another group then assigned color may be different in both groups for same member.

You have to wait for 24 hour, after a day you can easily access in group through admin.Because Whatsapp is very sensitive for its rules and term of conditions.

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