Implementing LiveChat on your website

Implementing  LiveChat on your website

There are lots of tools that allow you to chat with potential customers online, including HubSpot. Responding faster to a lead or a potential customer is going to leave a better impression than making new customers

How to Add LiveChat to Your Website

  • choose a live chat software

Best live chat tools include features such as:

  • Snippets or templates: Reusable text blocks that can be saved to use in chat conversations.
  • Chat tags: It allows you to label a chat so sales reps can easily find it
  • Integrates with your CRM: Easy for sales reps to chat with prospects in one place, instead of alternating between pages.
  • Reporting: Allows you to understand your Audience

2. Install it on your site

The live chat software you’ve chosen will give you a piece of code to copy and paste to the backend of your website. After installation of the software, customize the look and feel of the chatbox.

3. Place the chat on the right web pages

Place your live chat on every page of your website with custom greetings.

4. Integrate the chat with your CRM

By Using the chat directly within your CRM will also be more convenient for your sales representatives, Business development officer’s and increase their efficiency

5. Add sales representatives, Business development officer’s to your chat

When your live chat is set up, it will automatically assign chats to your sales reps and BBO’s.It’s time to teach them how to use the software and how leads will be routed through live chat.

6. Analyze feedback

Implementing a survey will help you continuously iterate on your live chat sales strategy.

Congrats! Once you complete these steps, your LiveChat set up and you’ll be ready to chat with customers.

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