E-Commerce Application Checklist

Doing proper research and gaining enough knowledge means an E-commerce site launch is a half success. A lot of things need attention. Every piece of information is scattered over the internet. Gathering, reading, categorizing, and professional implementing makes the game on. Let’s plan together to stand out of the crowd.


  1. Plan your business

Invest your time to draft a clear business plan that includes 

*Start-up cost

*Expected profit

* Inventory


  1. Stay aware of competitive sites

Thoroughly go through the competitive websites to understand what is going to happen. Later rely on efficient tools like Alexa or the Google Tool Bar to have a healthy comparison for improvement.


  1. Product pricing and multiple product sources

Have a thorough understanding of the ups and downs in the pricing of your product. Be ready with multiple, reliable product sources to meet the demand.


4. Easy to use domain name 

Avoid complications to stick to the name of your wish. Select names that are:




*easy to type

* and have a .com extension


  1. Customer understanding and market research

Make use of the various trending social media platforms to reach out the target customers.


  1. Choose the best eCommerce Development Company

There are a lot of eCommerce development companies to choose from. Choose the best and customize your business with a basic understanding of Responsive Website Design, detailed product descriptions, shipping rates, reliable and easy payment gateways, optimized content and social media optimization, checkout process, support and security systems, data back-up, digital outreach, web analytics and tracking, etc.

Stay vigilant and keep on improving with your partner. Good luck!







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