Core-PHP vs FrameWorks-in-PHP

Core-PHP vs FrameWorks-in-PHP

There are different types of web-based programming languages are used for Web Applications Development. And amongst them, PHP is the most popular one. Beginning with the scripting of simple web pages, PHP today has evolved into a language that powers almost 60% of the web.

Core PHP means solving a Mathematical problem by using paper and pen. Framework means solving Mathematical problems by using a calculator.

Core PHP-Solving Mathematical Problem

Core PHP uses the PHP script in its purest form. A developer needs to know the language thoroughly to write a clear and concise code using core PHP. Only the experts can write flawless and reliable code using its core form.

Framework – Solving Mathematical problem

Frameworks are basically time savers. They have a rich set of functionalities available so that the developer does not have to embed the same code again and again. These frameworks generally have a fixed set of rules and hence the code can be passed on from one developer to another without any hassles.

Core PHP code Advantages:

  • Core PHP offers you a lot of freedom
  • If code is small; procedural PHP/Core PHP is a good idea.


  • write lots of code that may already be written.
  • Want to consider like security (SQL Injection, XSS), organization of code, separation of business logic, view, etc., (that frameworks already do it for you).



Frameworks Advantages:

  • Introduces an extra layer to wrap your business code which in turn provides better manageability and easily workability in teams.
  • Gives you some tools and function to make it easier for yourself.
  • Everything comes as a set of predefined codes, helpers, libraries.
  • Almost everything is provided, you need to write less code.
  • Have security classes in the core.


  • learn more as there is a specific learning curve for specific frameworks.
  • Slower than the core PHP code.


Conclusion: For beginners as developers it is better to Clear your concepts for Core PHP and then move forward to frameworks. This will help you in understanding the flow and working of the frameworks. For customers, for lightweight creative websites, it is better you move to custom coding and for heavy applications, you can follow frameworks. Intertoons is Leading Open Source Web Development Company in  Kerala. We have been using PHP and its frameworks for development. For more information on our development services using PHP, please visit us at To know more about Intertoons, please visit us at

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