What are the types of food delivery mobile applications?

When we hear food delivery app, popular delivery apps like zomato,  swiggy, uber eats come into our minds. Are you a restaurant owner? Do you wish to develop food delivery mobile apps? Are you aware of the two types of food delivery applications? Continue reading to gain an understanding of the two types of food delivery apps to make the best choice for your business. Please give ears to the industry experts before finalizing it.

Types of food delivery mobile applications 

The popular on-demand food app models in the market are,

  •  The third-party app/ aggregator model

As the name suggests there are third parties (mediators) involved between you and your restaurant of choice. The third-party/mediator involved connects the customer and the restaurants. Popular food delivery app-Zomato-functions as per this model. The model well suits big restaurants as the delivery remains the restaurant’s responsibility. It has three different sides,

-The customer app

-Admin app

-The delivery person app

  • Logistics/Delivery service model

Here, the application handles the order delivery as well. As there are no separate delivery systems this will be of great advantage to small businesses and start-ups. The logistics/delivery service model is the low-cost model when compared to the aggregator model. Instead of involving third parties, the model offers logistics to partnering restaurants. Partnering restaurants can conveniently deliver orders with this model.

  • Full-service on-demand delivery

A full-service food delivery model enables you to enjoy a great level of control over customer experience. You can manage everything, right from the fresh and delicious food being served to the timely delivery of orders. You can take advantage of having your own chefs & delivery people. The only drawback is ample initial funding.

Top-class food delivery app development companies help you choose the right model that fits your business goals and budget.


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