Tech trade war could compel Huawei toward ‘plan B’ for its smartphones

Tech trade war could compel Huawei toward 'plan B' for its smartphones

A great many smartphone users have been dragged into the worldwide trade war and well known devices could before long look altogether different.

Chinese tech giant Huawei, and the millions who utilize their prominent smartphones, could before long be depending on a below average “plan B”. Huawei has wound up at the focal point of a heightening trade war that has reached out to smartphones users around the globe after Google declared it would agree to another request issued by the White House that successfully bans US firms from selling Huawei innovation without government endorsement.

Google said it would keep on supporting existing Huawei smartphones however future devices won’t have its lead applications and software services, including Google Maps, Gmail and Google Search.

At the point when Google dispatches the next version of Android in the not so distant future, it may not be accessible on Huawei devices . Just fundamental services would be accessible, making Huawei phones considerably less alluring, and constraining Huawei to contend with its very own product, which would be an extremely tall task


Google’s Android and Apple’s restrictive iOS have a stranglehold on smartphone operating systems, representing around 99 percent of the worldwide market.

On the hardware side, Huawei’s smartphone innovation has gone along by a wide margin lately, soaring the company into the second biggest smartphone maker on the planet as far as worldwide shipments.

The company’s most recent leader phone — the Huawei P30 Pro — got across the board positive surveys for its standout hardware features, including from Be that as it may, analysts anticipate buyers will abandon Huawei for othersmartphone makers if the company can just utilize a stripped-down version of the Android software that powers the user experience.

Some Huawei smartphone proprietors have apparently been frenzy selling their devices with a influx turning up on Gumtree in the previous 24 hours.


Huawei has freely recognized a few times since 2012 that it has been developing its own Mobile OS as a choice to Google’s Android OS should it be compelled to require it.

“We have arranged our own OS, in the event that it turns out we can never again utilize these systems, we will be prepared and have our plan B,” Huawei’s mobile chief Richard Yu Chengdong said in a meeting with German publication Die Welt in March.

That operating system is supposedly called HongMeng OS however it stays to be checked whether Huawei will be compelled to convey it on the future devices it transports outside China.

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