Speedup your WordPress site

speedup your wordpress site

Why should you speedup your WordPress site.First let us know a little about WordPress.WordPress is open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It is most commonly used free website creation tool associated with blogging, but also used for other types of web content including more mailing lists and forums, media galleries, and online store.WordPress has countless themes and features that can be used to create according to your need.

A quickly loading site is always desirable for visitors. When a visitor finds your pages loads quickly they will spend more time in your site thus the conversion rate can be increased.

How loading speed effect your website?

  • Google search ranking algorithms directly related to page load speed .
  • fast website helps create an excellent & comfortable user experience, which will directly influence conversions.
  • if pages are not loading in an acceptable time frame then there’s a risk that site indexing will run into problems

How to find your website speed?

You can find your WordPress page speed simply by using some of the speed checking tools like

speed test


Tricks to increase your website speed?

  1. Select a good host
  2. Work with a solid theme/ framework
  3. Use plugin to improve speed(W3 Total Cache,WP Fastest Cache)
  4. Optimise your home page , images and database
  5. Replace PHP with static HTML, when necessary
  6. Use CloudFlare

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