How to Add Google Analytics Tracking on Your Website

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking on Your Website

Google Analytics is a free web examination device offered by Google to enable you to investigate your website reach. your site fills in as a center point for the majority of your computerized activity. In the event that you are running any advertising campaign, for example, Google ads or social media advertisements, your clients are in all likelihood going to visit your site some place along their client venture. Given that your website is the focal center point of your advanced nearness, your site is the most ideal approach to give you a comprehensive perspective of the viability of the considerable number of battles you are racing to advance your item on the web. Google Analytics is a free instrument that can enable you to track your computerized advertising effectiveness.

For adding Google Analytics on your website, you will need a Google Account. We can use  Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Plus, then you already have one. Otherwise, you will Create an account.

Steps to sign into Google Analytics

  • Go to . Sign in with your Google account. If you’re not signed into your Google account then enter your mail id and password.

Google Analytics

  • Click Sign up to continue. If you have clicked on Sign up button, you get a new window.


  • Enter your details of analytics account(account name, website name, website Url and industry category). Then click on Get Tracking ID. After that you will get a popup containing terms of service. From this select your country then click on I Accept button.
  • Once you’ve agreed to the terms, It will go to the admin page of your website.


  • It’s a bit of JavaScript code that you have to embed into each page of your site, so Google Analytics can track your visits. You can try pasting the JavaScript code directly into the theme’s header.php file. Make sure you paste the code just before the <header> tag in the header. Else you can install plugin and just add the tracking code.


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