How does a food delivery app work? Restaurant Owner’s perspective

A food delivery enables the customer to access the online food ordering platforms. Customers can search for the restaurant and dish of their choice, place the orders and do the payment.

Four stakeholders use the food delivery app. They are,

  • The customer
  • Restaurant owner
  • Delivery boy
  • Admin-who manages the complete process

Working: Restaurant owner’s perspective

When the customer places an order for any dish, the restaurant owner can accept or deny the order as per the availability of the particular item.

When the restaurant owner accepts the order, the app sends an instant notification to the customer stating “order is accepted”. The further updates the customer like the food is being cooked, the food is your way home, expect delivery at ……am/pm, and so on.

When the restaurant owner declines the order, the app notifies the customer about the situation and requests to place another order. The money for the declined order will be refunded.

So the main role of the restaurant owner is to prepare and pack the ordered dish. Once the food is despatched, the app credits money to the restaurant owner’s account.

The restaurant owner has to ensure all the display dishes in the food delivery app are always available in the restaurant. Customer satisfaction and retention depend on availability and quality of service.


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