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With advent of B2B e-commerce platform, Buyers have set quite high expectations! Excusing all the misconceptions and moving ahead towards a world of B2B e-commerce development is not less than any crowning accomplishment in this era. B2B E-commerce development is a multi-faceted platform that covers a wide range of capabilities while assisting any business to operate to its fullest. The platform involves proficiencies pertinent to built-in integration to a vigorous content management system, entire set of administrative attributes, native SEO tools along with infrastructure, revenue based business intelligence potentialities, analytics, reporting, auditing, Supply chain integrations, B2B buyers collaborations, potential client experience, enhanced customer service, mobile marketing, integration to global marketing, and shipping. With a remarkable experience in Ecommerce and bespoke marketing campaigns for setting up e-commerce businesses, SME’s and branding, we dynamically interact with all the above facets while monitoring your business applications effectually.

We are here to build and host your e-commerce business

Intertoons hold a tremendous experience in building and hosting your e-shop, designing the brand, implementing Online Advertising Campaigns, implementing and updating SEO, formulating Content Marketing strategies and many more. Using Microsoft SQL server on backend and Microsoft & Node JS technologies on API development we, at Intertoons, have successfully launched embryonic solutions in over 10 countries, to start with B2C and then with B2B modules.

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Interoons aim at providing electronically intelligent and comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions that exceed customer expectations. We implement revolutionary digital marketing ideas to achieve a common as well as the aggregate growth of the organization. Long-term customer relations and extended support are maintained.

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