A glossary of mobile app development: Some important terms

Are you new to mobile app development? Or do you wish to develop a mobile application for your business? But you really do not understand the idea when you go through related articles? What will be the cause? One of the reasons may be you are not familiar with some of the common terms in mobile application development. The first part of this glossary explains a few common key design terms used in mobile application development.

  1. UX Design

In many contexts, the terms UX and UI are used one instead of the other. In fact, they are two different concepts. UX design deals with user experience. It is a process to determine the user experience when they interact with your mobile application. A professional UX design ensures a great user experience. It can make your product more useful, pleasant, marketable, and even addictive. It takes care care of every touchpoint of the mobile application to create positive emotions through product interactions.

  1. UI Design

UI design focuses on the style/looks of mobile applications. It is the process designers use to develop interfaces (the touch-sensitive display of a mobile device). The work towards developing easy to use and pleasurable interface with the help of UI design. They can also mean another form of interface like voice-controlled ones. UI design basically deals with the screen, page, icons, and buttons. User Interface is just a part of the user experience. They are two different, but complementary concepts.

  1. Wireframes

Wireframes are the initial layout of the app structure, information architecture, user flow, functionality. Here, we consider graphics, style, and color to a minimum extent. Depending on the details, wireframes are prepared either by hand or digitally. UX designers do wireframes with users in mind.

Do wait for a few more glossary terms in mobile application development in the following blogs.


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