13 Things About eCommerce Website Trends You May Not Have Known

The eCommerce industry is ever-evolving, and especially after the outbreak of Covid-19, online
shopping has become the new way of buying essentials. While it may seem daunting that the
eCommerce industry is booming every passing day, below, we have narrowed it down to the 13
biggest eCommerce website trends you may not be aware of. So, let’s dive in and have a look!

Here are the biggest 13 eCommerce website trends-

1. Boost in the variety of online products
Groceries, furniture, hygiene, clothes, beauty, you name it, and eCommerce websites have it.
With the change in scenario, many people have turned to online stores to buy endless products
and do most shopping. For many, it might seem a temporary shift; however, for most, there’s no
point in turning back from here.

2. Direct to consumer business
B2B and B2C have ruled the markets for decades now; however, there was a need for a change,
and the introduction of the D2C business brought a revolution in the eCommerce world. The
prices are now usually cheaper as there are no middlemen involved without compromising the
quality. It’s a total win-win situation!

3. Easy and free returns
The chances of returning multiply when customers do not get a chance to try and buy the
product, due to which the rate of return remains much higher. However, it’s never a good
feeling to receive unsatisfied feedback from the customer or returning the money, whereas,
with an efficient return policy, you may have a fair shot to attract the customer back.

4. Video and reels advertising
What you see grabs your attention most of the time rather than what you hear. When it comes
to social media advertisements, videos and reels have become a lucrative source of influencing
people to spend time on your website and make a purchase.

5. Influencers and sponsorships
Over the years, the means of advertising have drastically changed. It’s no longer dealing with
simple ads or banners; however, social media influencers have put the ball in their court. Even
the top eCommerce websites trust the social media influencers and give them a chance to
advertise their products in their unique way that drives results.

6. AI improves experience
Artificial intelligence and machine learning promote customers to have personalized, automated
shopping experiences that influence them to come back. With the advancements in technology,
AI is continuously working to enhance the user experience by predicting their next move or
making intelligent product suggestions.

7. Chatbots
Another impressive technology that has attracted endless happy shoppers to the best
eCommerce company is chatbots. A chance to clear your queries and ask your doubts from a
bot. This wonderful piece of technology works 24/7 to enhance the user experience.

8. AR is ruling
AR is another technology that is proven as a complete game-changer in the world of
eCommerce. Augmented reality enhances the customer shopping experience by giving them
closer to what they’re shopping for.

9. Contribution to environment
Now, customers are more inclined towards the environment and taking preventative steps to
protect and promote safe and green places to live in.

10. Customer satisfaction- An ideal choice
Running a successful eCommerce website development means bringing smiles to your
customer’s faces. With brands emerging every day, the market is oversaturated, which tightens
the competition. Unless your company is truly working for customers, you will keep coming
back to zero.

11. Subscriptions attract consumers
Another emerging trend that you must be unaware of is the subscriptions that keep customers
intact. There are endless subscriptions these days that attract customers to make a purchase
and come back again.

12. Voice search
With the introduction of voice features, most people rely on voice assistants to complete
everyday tasks. Similarly, consumers today are more inclined to “voice search” rather than
“hand typing.”

13. Endless ways to pay
When it comes to payment methods, everyone must not be comfortable paying before
receiving their product. Today, eCommerce websites offer more ways to pay, which multiples
the conversion rates plus improves customer satisfaction.
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