Mobile app marketing in social media: Top 4 tips

People do not always discover apps from the app store! More than 50% of the customers know about the app through family, friends, or colleagues. Advertising mobile apps in social media follow clear tactics to ensure better app download rates. Surveys show that 25% of apps downloaded stay idle on smartphones. Professional marketing strategies ensure the business app gets a global reach and boosts app downloads.

  • Decide on the social media platform to advertise

Do thorough customer research and pick a social media platform that best suits your group of prospective customers. There are no standards to follow for social media marketing. Develop a marketing campaign with the user in mind. It varies from business to business. For example, Instagram and Snapchat help you reach a younger audience, and Facebook can help you reach an older group.

  • Use paid ads

Sponsored ad posts are one of the best ways to reach the target audience. Most social media platforms offer an “install app” advertisement option.

  • Use influencer marketing

Industry influencer generally posts relevant content on which the prospective customers rely. Industry influencer posts are taken into account by the target audience in comparison to the company posts.

  • Post engaging content

Keep the ad content fresh and engaging content to sustain customer attention. Keep up with the latest trends and cultural news to induce curiosity.

Amidst these marketing tips, some important facts to keep in mind so as to boost app use are,

*Simplifying life

*Clear instructions for use

*Updated content

*Great design

*Consistent user experience across devices

All the best!


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