Shopping APP to ERP Integration

Ecommerce with our ERP integration will be a mess when the end staff is managing products in both , The double exercise on both platform not only demands more man hours, it will entertain price , stock diiferences as this happends in odd times. Here comes the importance of data sync from to towards ERP. Our fully throttled ECommerce system can communicate with any ERPS having API end points to seamlessly communicate to make the Shopping app at par with the internal ERP integrated.

One of Key point is , Products with fluctuating prices will be updated on ecommerce apps with our manual intervention. Change in prices will reflect in apps whenever the change is updated in ERP

Few our our successful integrations includes, Gofrugal, Microsoft Dynamics Navition, Odoo, etc. Any upcoming ERPs are welcome from our team. Integration wont take much time.

Advantages of ERP Integrations

  • Save time on Data Entry
  • No Bulk Entry
  • Stock and Price sync
  • Central Billing
  • Bulk Price updation
  • Price syncing from ERP to ECommerce apps
  • Ecommerce orders will be available in ERP
  • Royalty programme can be implemented in ECOmmerce from ERP
  • Redeem Credits in ECommerce from Internal ERP
  • In store customers can participate in ECommerce with same credentials
  • Automatic notifications for patrons once orders are shipped and permit them to trace the delivery of the product.

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