Cheat Sheet for Eloquent – ORM in Laravel

Cheat Sheet for Eloquent - ORM in Laravel

Eloquent is an ORM framework which is used in Laravel to make web development easier and faster by focusing on object-oriented approach rather than writing plain SQL queries.


Eloquent ORM in Laravel: How Does It Work?

Eloquent ORM  offers an ActiveRecord implementation for database to work with, which means that every model created in MVC structure resembles to a table of the database.

  • Ordering Eloquent hasMany() relationship

Add ->orderBy() to the hasMany relationship to get ordered output of a specified column.


  • Eloquent’s where() method

where() method.


  • Prevent Eloquent from adding created_at or updated_at timestamps

Disable both created_at and updated_at  timestamps


  • restore() soft deleted Eloquent

To Use the restore() method to undelete a record.


  • Joins in Eloquent

cheat sheet for eloquent’s join() method


  • findOrFail($id) method

primary key or throw an exception if it’s not available.


  • Cache in Eloquent

Retrieve an item from the cache without loading it all the item.


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