5 Recommended Tools to Develop a Mobile Application

A mobile application is a necessity for any business today. It delivers information about any products and services in a customizable and efficient manner. Mobile apps help to engage customers and win the battle for customer attention and loyalty.

Many entrepreneurs find it hard to choose the right tool from a plethora of app development tools. A wrong choice can lead to additional costs and wastage of time. Let us look into some of the best mobile app development tools that can help to prosper your business.

  1. React native
    • Open-source mobile application tool
    • Used for iOS and Android
    •  Created by Facebook
    • Can easily create interactive UIs
    • Easier to debug
    • Excellent performance on targeted platforms
    • Fast track completion
  1. Xamarin
    • Open-source framework
    • Used to develop Android, iOS, and Windows apps
    • Relatively new but a popular one
    • Suited for cross-platform mobile app development
    • Can share around 90% code across platforms
    • Faster, streamlined development
    • Wide range of functionality
  1. Appcelerator
    • Suits cross-platform app development
    • Used to create native mobile apps
    • Supports any device and operating system
    • Immediate support for every new Operating System release
    • Rich user experience
    • Hyperloop facility for complete access of software development kit
  1. Sencha
    • Used to develop apps for smartphones, desktops, and tablets
    • End to end building
    • Quick and easy app development
    • Supports web application testing on any device/browser
    • Anyhow, some reviews reflect a lack of support
  1. AppInstitute
    • Suits small to medium scale business
    • Quick app development without writing codes
    • Easy app building with just four steps

Some other tools for building mobile apps are Cocos2D, Unity, Cordova, etc. Choose the best mobile app development company to bring out your business professionally with elegance. Experience and expertise with the right choice of app development tools can work magic for you!

What is your tool of choice? Comment below

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