15 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Ecommerce Website Trends

When Jeff Bezos introduced amazon and made its first online book sale in 1995, no one
imagined it was just the beginning. The eCommerce website has transformed the users “buying”
experience and made it more “homely.” However, If you wish to be in your boss’s “good books,”
knowing about ecommerce website trends is an inevitable move.

Below we have narrowed down this list to 15 amazing points, which will force your boss to give
you a Diwali bonus in the month of March. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Audience’s perspective
First and foremost in the list is what and how your targeted audience likes to see. For every
employee working in a leading eCommerce company, it is undeniably essential to think from
the audience’s perspective to cultivate user experience.

2. The power of AI
Another crucial ecommerce website trend that your boss expects you to be well aware of is
Artificial intelligence. AI is an important tool that gives you the power to explore the users’
shopping history and suggest products they might be most interested in.

3. The new payment options
As an online seller, you must be well-aware of the different payment options that your user
might want to explore. The leading eCommerce companies promote a “more way to pay”
approach for a seamless payment gateway.

4. Dynamic pricing strategy
Do you know the dynamic pricing strategy attracts customers to your eCommerce website? You
might not be aware of it; your boss wishes you to know about this trend. The right pricing
model multiplies the chances of increased demand for the product and ultimately an increase in
the sale.

5. Environmental friendly
Green consumerism has become a crucial topic of discussion. Over the years, the brands, as
well as the customers, have realized the importance of going green and going clean. Sticking to
such practices promotes ecommerce development.

6. Small startups and independent business
With the latest advancements, shopping habits have changed. People now prefer to buy goods
online rather than going from store to store. Above all, online shoppers are now more inclined
towards independent businesses and small startups which offer quality and quantity.

7. Creative advertising strategy
Started recently in 2020, top eCommerce websites are using 3d and CGI in advertisements to
make them more interactive and worth watching. Compared to traditional advertising strategy
where the product does little or no job, the creative advertising of products is ruling the
ecommerce market.

8. Videos over pictures
Do you prefer looking at the image and buying a product, or would you buy a product by looking
at a short video and understanding the product from different angles? Well, the choices are
quite evident here. Today’s online shoppers are smarter than you might think; hence a
well-optimized video that speaks about the product does the job efficiently.

9. Social media influencers
Over the years, the meaning of youtube, which first started as a dating site, and Instagram as a
whiskey app, the social media influencers have captured the market and how. It’s no longer
dealing with simple ads or banners, whereas even the top eCommerce websites trust the social
media influencers to advertise their products in their unique way that drives results.

10. Branding and promoting
Your boss not only expects you to know about the eCommerce trends, whereas the brand and
the promotion of your services is a major sub-point that seamlessly attracts consumers. While
planning and drafting strategies, be creative enough to come up with ideas that bring traffic.

11. Optimum utilization of resources
At times, you get limited resources and the pressure to deliver results. Whether you work in a
startup or a leading ecommerce website, your boss expects you to prepare ideas that involve
nominal resources.

12. Adapting consumers feedback
Ecommerce website is a virtual platform where there is no one-on-one interaction. As an online
seller, it’s your responsibility to adapt consumer feedback, understand their queries, and
suggest improvements for a better user experience.

13. D2C approach
With the world facing covid 19, the introduction of the D2D approach took place. Unlike B2B2
and B2C businesses, there are no middle mens involved; however, the key is in your hand.

14. Efficient return policies
A day where you need to return money is never marked as a special day in the history of
ecommerce development. Your boss may expect you to build efficient return channels to avoid
clashing thoughts and a seamless return policy.

15. Customer satisfaction
What if you run a business where most of your customers are not satisfied with the services?
It’s a waste! Remember, Unless your company is truly working for customers, you will keep
coming back to zero.
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