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Magento is the most trusted and widely used open source ECommerce solution all over the world. We developed over 100 Magento stores worldwide with over 1 Lakh products. Speciality of Magento lays where , this is developed with Almost all ECommerce Feature in Mind. Developed for Sellers and for Sellers Magento Websites and Mobile Apps are meant for  online sales.


A Leading Software and Web Development company from Kerala from Late 2007. We helped over 250 Brands/ Companies to make their custom Web , Software Solutions to empower Automation and Sales. Visit our portfolio to see some of those live projects

Mobile App Development Process

Installing Magento

80% of work is done with the installation of Magento. Hurray, that’s 80% peace of mind we guarantee you right at the start. After its installed, we will do each of your requirement and customize it. Make your online business front stand apart from your competitors. Your domain is what we have for the store, isn’t it awesome!!


Setting Up APIs.

Not all Magento APIs will serve for custom needs, Here we use or customize magento APIs so as to fit our needs . This involves Magento customisation , API Customisation and few Server side optimisation to ensure best performing apps with all ECommerce features


QC with Packages

On Fixing first cut We will Deliver the executables for the customer to test and experiece . Once they went through all features and tested . Its finally compiled for production , During this period, UI , UX, Payment gateways ,


Publish To Stores

Finally Publish Apps to Stores like PlayStore, or AppStore with Store Graphics , Detailed texts provided by the client. We Ensure Store Optimization at its best with the content from client.


Our Hybrid  Mobileeb Apps are optimized for Performance, UI / UX  and Efficiency with the Magento websites on background. user experience , it’s impossible to beat Our Uniform Hybrid Apps . Our Hybrid Apps are equally good as native apps to deliver personalized shopping experience and serve unique customer needs at the right time. Intertoons Mobile Solutions will deliver maximum ROI in minimum time

Magento Mobile AppFeatures

Light weight

Light weight ECommerce App

Push Notification

All Our Apps are Woring good With Push Notifications

Uniform Android and IOS

Apps look alike on Android and iOS

Cross Device Compatibility

Tested in Various Brands and Models

Online Payment Gateways

Supports Website Gateways from inside APP(s)

Social Login

Login with FB,Google or Twitter

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